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We reached the middle of the first month of 2017 and I figured I could start a new regular thing on my blog besides the Picks Of The Week and the Tell Me Something Good “series”. From now onward on the 15th of each month I will invite you to come over and party with me. Share your link and meet other bloggers in my feed.



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Lessons Learned

I am not embarrassed to say I voted for this amazing woman, and will do so again should she decide to once again throw herself into the political circus. She is, quite simply, a HERO of mine!

Rhonda Rants

sunflower1So I have hesitated in writing about my campaign experience and for no other reason than it may seem a bit self-serving and haughty to wax poetic over the whole thing.  It happened.  The result is what it is and without surprise, life has continued to move on.

However, I did tell myself and countless others that by embracing this process, I had nothing to lose but rather so much to learn.  It seems selfish of me to NOT share some of those life lessons in the hopes others may also learn from it.  It is what we do as educators, right?  Continue to be life-long learners so we can impart insight and knowledge to those who will follow.

And since I like lists, I have decided to approach this as a Top 10 list.  So here we go …

Top 10 Lessons Learned while Running for Public Office    

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Picture Battle – Cyra vs OM

Oh yes! Cyr is attempting the good graces while warring with OM…how exactly does this work?

Cyranny's cove

I am busy tonight…  Working on getting back Suze‘s friendship, or at least be back in her good graces…

But no. Mr OM had to do it. He had to openly challenge me, and you can see the proof right here! Brotherhood of WAR…. Of course!

So I got prepared to fight back (notice that most of my Picture Battles with OM take place when I am at the office.. And therefore I should be given much more credit for my fight backs, because I have lot less access to props, and I can’t go to the store…. Booh Boss won’t let me!!)

OM, I have a book about WAR here too, check it out!


Someone’s giggling in the back, implying I just took another book, and glued some post-its on it. Geeez Lovelies, sometimes, you disappoint me a little. If it was a trick….

Would the inside…

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Reblogging Okoto Engima’s share your link Friday

3h ago

First of all, if you reblog this post you help me, I help you and you help your readers, so everyone wins.

Hey everyone; I did “share your link Friday” post last week; click here to check it out! I also want to inform everyone that this is the lastshare your link Fridaypost I’ll do. I’ll still do more “share your link” posts where you guys get to promote your blog by yourself. But, I can no longer share people’s link; which is what “share your link Friday” is all about. I started this to share people’s link and help them promote their blog; but now it just feels like most people are using me to their advantage, in order to promote their blog which isn’t really how I planned for things to be (no offense to anyone). I can’t really explain it but I know what I mean by that. So after this “share your link Friday” post, I’ll no longer promote or share anyone’s link except I want to. I’ll provide a medium for everyone to self promote their blog’s by themselves. 

To the business of the day. Here’s how it’s done; I’ll share the link to a random number of sites. You, the readers, have to visit their site; follow, like a post, leave a comment if necessary, and show some love. You can leave your sites url in the comment section for people to visit your site; but I won’t be able to share it. 

Remember; you have to check out everyone’s blog; both the shared ones and the ones in the comment section. If your link isn’t correct, please specify.

Today’s links are:


That’s all for today. Don’t forget to check out everyone’s link. Have a great day!😊

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31 day blog challenge, day 16: dream jobs


Day 16 of the 31 day blog challenge: Dream job

I have had so very many jobs.  I even had a career (which is immensely different from a job), and not one of them was a “dream” of a job for me.

I used to dream of being an archaeologist. I wanted nothing more than to go dig in ancient dirt and find marvels of ages past. I wanted to travel to distant shores and meet people from foreign lands.

I wanted to be a ballerina too.

Looking back at what I thought I wanted and what I actually did, I wonder if I had a grasp of reality when I was young..or if I simply fantasized to deal with what my life actually was like.

Every job I ever held led me to my career. My every experience as a child and young adult led me there as well.  So I suppose, my “dream job” was my be a drug and alcohol counselor..a battering interventionist..and to have a private practice doing it.

Christmas writing prompts, number 12:

The twelfth day of Christmas writing prompts………you thought I was going to sing, didn’t you? writing-prompt-xmas-special-12-fav-xmas-memory

This may sound horrible to some but my favorite Christmas day was the year my Mother spent the day in the hospital.

She was heavily pregnant with my adored baby sister, Anne. We wouldn’t meet Anne until the end of february, but that Christmas mother was suddenly having contractions. Her doctor advised hospitalization so off she went.

My dad’s mother suddenly appeared at the house and cooked dinners for us, and generalized housework to help Daddy. It was calm. It was a few days and nights of absolute love between us children and our grandmother.

It was a Christmas morning of no yelling, no frowning, no sarcastic remarks directed towards us. We simply got up and dressed, ate a nice breakfast, opened presents, giggled and laughed and received lots and lots of hugs. There was no yelling before lunch…no slaps before dinner…no disparaging remarks about “you are such a pig” or “you are so stupid” or “don’t eat that cookie, you are fat enough”.  It was “would you like a cookie?”  It was “give me a hug sweetheart”. It was “I love you”.


And once again the world of Suziland is down…..

Yep. The database I employ (or rather am employed by) is “down” once again. Don’t you just LOVE computer-speak?  It makes it sound like the poor server has just been so overworked and underpaid that depression has set in and it needs a break for its emotional wellbeing.


But, since for once in my life I left something alone, I have a back-up system already in place and working wonderfully well.  It is here in “suziland too” that I shall be working the blog challenges, the daily prompts and possibly just write something for my own personal edification!

But probably not. The self edification stuff that is.