DIY mosquito repellent

I waited to post any comments until after I made and tried this. IT WORKS!!! Thanks Harini!

The Long View

Whiiiiiine! Swat! Grrrrr!

This is a sound sequence you hear often in our house these days. No, we’re not ill-treating our dog. It’s those pesky mosquitoes, which have taken over the world, and the grrr indicates that the mosquito has got away unscathed as always. We’ve tried it all — reed diffusers, electrical heat diffusers, repellents, agarbattis and sambranis. Not that tennis racquet swatter, though. Can’t bear to hear a mosquito sizzle. We have mesh on all the windows, but this actually serves mainly to keep the critters in, once they’re in, and excited by all the thinly-clad blood that surrounds them. The most effective thing so far has been Odomos, which is a cream containing citronella; and note that the mosquitoes have not grown immune to it over years and years of familiarity, as they do with most other things.

Though I don’t like creams (yech! sticky!), I am…

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Fundies: I Hope This Breaks Your Hard Hearts


Flee from Christian Fundamentalism

A training manual rests on a shelf in the library of my church. It claims there is no such thing as poverty in the United States.  Evidence point?  People defined as poor in the United States own and use cellular telephones and other modern conveniences. People who own such things cannot possibly be classified as poor. Therefore, no authentic poor people live in the United States. True Biblical poverty exists only in foreign countries, and it looks like this photograph:

Poverty in Africa

This training manual was prepared and published by The Heritage Foundation, apparently for use in American churches. Some person unknown to me brought this despicable, God-hating training manual into my United Methodist Church and sneaked it onto a library shelf. Best I can tell from flipping through this training manual, it is designed for adult Sunday school teachers so they can teach the members of their Sunday school classes…

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The Good, The Bad, and The Silent

Filosofa's Word


Today’s story is a good news/bad news sort of story.  I like to think the ‘good’ part outweighs the bad in the long run, and gives us hope for humanity.  I don’t know … what do you think?

The bad …

It was just after 5:00 a.m. last Saturday morning, and people were arriving for Fajr, early morning prayer services, at the at the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. About 20 people had entered the mosque when a fire bomb was hurled through the window, shattering windows and causing extensive damage.  Fortunately, nobody was injured, but certainly the intent of the criminal was to destroy, maim, and even kill.

The center had been receiving threatening phone calls for some time, according to Mohamed Omar, Executive Director for the mosque. “… people talking about us, telling us, accusing us that we shouldn’t be here…

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Dear Republicans, Are You Colluding With A Russian Asset?

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Gronda Morin


Too many Republicans have been abetting and and enabling a Russian asset who has been living in the White House. No, this is not “fake news, nor a conspiracy theory but a DOSE of reality.

The majority republican legislators have been in a state of denial about their standard bearer very likely being a Russian asset in their midst because too many have become fearful of antagonizing the republican President Donald Trump’s ardent supporters who would follow him if he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge. Then of course, congressional lawmakers have been counting on the president’s big money backers, and then, there is that marginal tax cut/ reform bill that the right has been dreaming about for years.

Image result for photos of president with lavrov

The fact that our President Donald Trump repeatedly claims that he does not have direct financial interests in Russia, is immaterial…

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what’s the sentencing for blog killers?

Yes…I did it again.  and No, I have no idea what I did.  BUT, Suziland has died yet again.

Suziland, AKA Obsolete Childhood has become “non-responsive”….now even I know that means trouble.

Thank goodness I have a geekette and her monkey minions to fix things for me.

So until further notice…or until Kali (the aforementioned geekette) fixes it, Suziland shall be set aside in the blog hospital and Suziland Too shall be the main access point to the stupidities that I daily endure.