Quickie: Polls Show Success of WH’s Gaslighting

a damned good read…with snark and attitude!

The Psy of Life

Russell Lee - Mexican children, San Antonio, Texas, 1939“Against this filth”

Two recent polls shed some light on the power of motivated reasoning, confirmation bias, and active information avoidance to keep Repubes in office, sell the middle class cheap to industry, willingly allow their hard earned cash to be transferred to the wealthy, and quietly die of avoidable cancers and other god-awful environmentally induced diseases. Even knowing as much as I do about how lazy the brain has evolved to be — shortcuts such as emotional decision-making, habitual regular behavior, and stereotypes save energy and time — it still defies reason. Let’s take a look:

The esteemed Larry Sabato from over to the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia reports their recent poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies to take the temperature of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s voters. These are the results of asking 1,000 the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s voters online from 17…

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