Lessons Learned

I am not embarrassed to say I voted for this amazing woman, and will do so again should she decide to once again throw herself into the political circus. She is, quite simply, a HERO of mine!

Rhonda Rants

sunflower1So I have hesitated in writing about my campaign experience and for no other reason than it may seem a bit self-serving and haughty to wax poetic over the whole thing.  It happened.  The result is what it is and without surprise, life has continued to move on.

However, I did tell myself and countless others that by embracing this process, I had nothing to lose but rather so much to learn.  It seems selfish of me to NOT share some of those life lessons in the hopes others may also learn from it.  It is what we do as educators, right?  Continue to be life-long learners so we can impart insight and knowledge to those who will follow.

And since I like lists, I have decided to approach this as a Top 10 list.  So here we go …

Top 10 Lessons Learned while Running for Public Office    

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