Picture Battle – Cyra vs OM

Oh yes! Cyr is attempting the good graces while warring with OM…how exactly does this work?

Cyranny's cove

I am busy tonight…  Working on getting back Suze‘s friendship, or at least be back in her good graces…

But no. Mr OM had to do it. He had to openly challenge me, and you can see the proof right here! Brotherhood of WAR…. Of course!

So I got prepared to fight back (notice that most of my Picture Battles with OM take place when I am at the office.. And therefore I should be given much more credit for my fight backs, because I have lot less access to props, and I can’t go to the store…. Booh Boss won’t let me!!)

OM, I have a book about WAR here too, check it out!


Someone’s giggling in the back, implying I just took another book, and glued some post-its on it. Geeez Lovelies, sometimes, you disappoint me a little. If it was a trick….

Would the inside…

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