Christmas writing prompts, number 12:

The twelfth day of Christmas writing prompts………you thought I was going to sing, didn’t you? writing-prompt-xmas-special-12-fav-xmas-memory

This may sound horrible to some but my favorite Christmas day was the year my Mother spent the day in the hospital.

She was heavily pregnant with my adored baby sister, Anne. We wouldn’t meet Anne until the end of february, but that Christmas mother was suddenly having contractions. Her doctor advised hospitalization so off she went.

My dad’s mother suddenly appeared at the house and cooked dinners for us, and generalized housework to help Daddy. It was calm. It was a few days and nights of absolute love between us children and our grandmother.

It was a Christmas morning of no yelling, no frowning, no sarcastic remarks directed towards us. We simply got up and dressed, ate a nice breakfast, opened presents, giggled and laughed and received lots and lots of hugs. There was no yelling before lunch…no slaps before dinner…no disparaging remarks about “you are such a pig” or “you are so stupid” or “don’t eat that cookie, you are fat enough”.  It was “would you like a cookie?”  It was “give me a hug sweetheart”. It was “I love you”.



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