31 day blog challenge, day 16: dream jobs


Day 16 of the 31 day blog challenge: Dream job

I have had so very many jobs.  I even had a career (which is immensely different from a job), and not one of them was a “dream” of a job for me.

I used to dream of being an archaeologist. I wanted nothing more than to go dig in ancient dirt and find marvels of ages past. I wanted to travel to distant shores and meet people from foreign lands.

I wanted to be a ballerina too.

Looking back at what I thought I wanted and what I actually did, I wonder if I had a grasp of reality when I was young..or if I simply fantasized to deal with what my life actually was like.

Every job I ever held led me to my career. My every experience as a child and young adult led me there as well.  So I suppose, my “dream job” was my career..to be a drug and alcohol counselor..a battering interventionist..and to have a private practice doing it.


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