Missing my blog

cat-puterI am now reduced to begging and bribery with my lovely geekette. I never realized just how spoiled I was in having my very own editor and my very own site…until I killed it again.

And this time I highly doubt that she is capable of ressurecting the dad-blasted thing.

Here’s a hint. Never, ever, ever, ever take jetpack off your site if you are on a self-hosted site (other than a WP site)..your blog will break. it will go completely black (or white depending upon your monitor settings) and will never allow you to log in ever again. Not matter how many times you yell at it, beg it, plead with it or throw things at it, the blog shall remain dead and your own personal geek or geekette will go completely nuts trying to bring it back again.

I have been blogless (well I have this free wp one but I don’t understand it at all) for going on three weeks now. I am ready to quit blogging altogether if I don’t get my site back soon.

I have been attempting to keep myself busy.  I helped out on Thanksgiving, not only by babysitting two dogs for three days, but by going over to the local halfway house and cooking and cleaning for the residents. I spent time cleaning my house, doing laundry and baking. I canned beets and made pickles. I made cranberry/orange slop (my own recipe)..I decorated the outside of the house and only fell off a ladder twice doing it.

I sewed buttons on a few of George’s shirts. Still not sure why I did that as they never had buttons to begin with.

I mended clothing; I cut down bath towels and made hand towels and wash cloths.

I painted a shelf. I painted a kitchen cabinet. I turned the washing machine upside down to check the water pump……..the dumb thing was leaking. The pump is also completely dead, but in my defence of turning over the washer to look, it was dead prior to the machine upside-downing.

I have read 62 books..all except 14 of them non-fiction.  I sorted 4286 pictures and put them into albums. I WASHED THE WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I NEED my blog back.

I also started reading the bookette that another blogger is writing and editing the English for her…..yes, I know, I know..I HATE punctuation and composition…so OF COURSE I volunteered to do so. And it has been fun doing it too.

But I need my blog back. I need to change the background from fall to winter. I need to change the font colors to go along with the new background..and I need to babble. It just isn’t the same in a blog that fixes every single misspelling before I can think to do it myself.





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