WWW: Tapestry

The wicked word this week is Tapestry, and I have to admit the Carol King song has been floating through my head since I saw the word…so without further ado, here’s my entry for wicked word wednesday.

Tapestry was the first album I ever purchased on my own with money I had earned. The songs spoke to my soul, my heart, and I memorized them quickly and easily. It was something I had never been capable of doing before. tapestry



5 thoughts on “WWW: Tapestry

  1. Well well well… Someone is being awkwardly (no, no that much, but I just love that word) silent today… I hope you are just enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, or are taking advantage of Black Friday to buy stuff for the cruise, or looking for a publishing company for me 😛 One post a day is just a bit suspicious coming from you! Have you managed to kill your computer? Or lost all access to WP? Have you gone missing? You better not be moving North to elude my intense Google Earth screaning of the US!!

    *Hugs* Your annoying friend from Freezingland!


    1. danged editor is driving me insane…I want my blog back! lol I haven’t mastered the art of it without it crashing every six minutes…on the dot! danged thing.so in my frustration I have remained semi silent…at leats online. the home scene is violently noisy with me intermittantly screaming at the computer.

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      1. Well that’s good… Intermittant is good for George’s ears 😉 What do you do the rest of the time (when you are not screaming), just catching your breath for next round of swearing?? 😉

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