Eat a pizza instead

Every Thanksgiving for donkey’s years I made the traditional “feast” for my family. We’d have friends over for the day and it was always nice to spend time with them. But….

I always got a little bit annoyed (okay, I became madder than all get out) when I spent seven to ten hours creating a beautiful meal to have it all eatend within twenty minutes by a bunch of ungrateful argumentative brats!

Yep, Thanksgiving seemed to become a day of one-upmanship around our place. My brothers were “smarter” my sister was “prettier” their relationships were “better” or “more meaningful”, their kids were more “well behaved”… name it and my family was just oh so much more wonderful than we could ever hope to be.

I stopped inviting anyone in my immediate family to our home after several years of this attitude on their part. Instead, we focussed upon the less tradition stuff. We helped out at shelters and half-way houses. And we ordered a takeaway Pizza for our own dinner. Thanksgiving became a day of true thanks again.

There is NOTHING in the world that makes me feel better than seeing a small child’s eyes light up when seeing a cooked turkey for the first time.  Or getting to have a second helping and no one says “we have to save that for later”. I haven’t cooked a turkey for my family for over 20 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I spend the day helping out in soup kitchens, or sober-living houses, or parole half-way houses or homeless shelters GIVING of my time, my energy, my smiles and grateful attitude.  And I am truely thankful for the life I have that I can share.

Last year, and the year before, George and I had a traditional thanksgiving with our friends Angie and Garry. We had the turkey, the dressings, all the side dishes you can imagine and it was wonderful! This year, our friends have traveled to Angie’s brothers home to spend the day with her siblings and their kids.  And I am spending mine at the local Salvation Army.

And I am grateful.




5 thoughts on “Eat a pizza instead

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Suze 🙂

    Here, Thanksgiving is already behind us. (no, we’re not that many time zones away :P) We Canadians are so eager to be thankful, that we celebrate at mid-October 🙂

    Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated as much here in Québec, but I do have my little tradition. Know the movie Arthur? At one point, the not-rich-anymore Arthur spends Thanksgiving with his love and her father, and they are having meatloaf. And to make the story short (which it never is anyway) Arthur says thanks, and he is thankful for having the smallest piece of meatloaf.

    So… Every year, I cook meatloaf for the holiday. Exciting uh?

    Yeah… I guess it’s one of those “you have to be there” moments 😛

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      1. I looooooove Hawaiian pizza!! It is one of the only ways I eat ham… And I don’t care about Italians saying it is a disgrace to call it a pizza! It is dough, with toppings? It IS a pizza 😉 lol

        The Arthur tradition always brings giggles when it is serving time, and it is almost a race between me and my little bro, as to who’s going to say the famous line first:

        “Je suis reconnaissante… d’avoir eu le plus petit… morceau… de pain… de viande!”

        (I am thankful… for getting the smallest… piece… of meat… loaf!” – the pauses are due to Arthur’s perpetual drunk state, as you may know)

        Followed by a general “Amen!”

        Happy Thanksgiving pizza, Hawaiian style (are you wearing a straw skirt? Flowers around your neck? You should!! It is not too late!)

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      2. no flowers around my neck…..I was though wearing a lovely apron I made that has baby chickens all over it and flowers across the top……….lol……..
        Received the book……and started reading..and giggling…and sighing…….and tears. Finish it……….yes, I have not yet finished reading what you sent but can tell already it will be a huge success and i will get to tell all my friends that “I knew her BEFORE she was famous!”

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      3. LOOOOOOOOL I love you!! I guess I’ll have to get back to the translating board than? you’ll still have about 300 pages to go after the part you already have 🙂


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