really and truly the longest post ever!

OK, so since I have no idea what I am doing with a computer, yesterday was interesting to say the least, and wildly funny at it’s worst. I started out by trying to “defrag”. Of course since I had no idea what that was and had probably not defragged anything for several years it was an experience just trying to figure out which icon to touch to find the danged thing.

Who knew that it was in “accessories”. I have always thought of accessories as scarves or hair ribbons, maybe even cool shoes, but never something as weird sounding as a “defrag”. But there ya have it. So I was defragging away and thought I’d better clean it all up afterwards. I remember my son telling me to “always clean up after defragging”.

Where the heck is a cleaner anyway? I searched all over the place, opened stuff I probably should have never opened and still couldn’t find a cleaner of any sort. I had visions of a teeny tiny little maid with a mop (think Carol Burnet here) busily washing the floors and tripping over a bucket, but there were no icons for cleaning.So it was off to the phone………..

I called my nephew, and the nephew (once he stopped laughing) said “Aunt Suze, try looking in your accessories” Back there again? Okay, now where are the accessories hiding again? After searching for a good twenty minutes (and a second call to the nephew) I found the accessories and hit “DEFRAG”. Wait, that was wrong. Okay there’s no back-out key so I had to wait another twenty minutes for another defrag thing to finish.

FINALLY, the defrag was over so back to accessories I went and this time actually hit the right button! Twenty minutes later it was done and I thought, maybe I can take some more stuff off the computer. This was when George walked up and said “It is NOW AFTER MIDNIGHT!”. Uummmm, okay? and your point is? Anyway it was off to bed and trying to ignore the computer. After somewhere around a bazillion years of tossing and turning I somehow managed to go to sleep.And I dreamed I was in Everquest. Oh great!

I can see everything around me from the last place I got kicked off the game…….and I am slowly moving through the cave-place where my friends abandoned me (not really, I got kicked off). I was wandering around like I was trying to move through very thick mud when I fell off a cliff and into a river with giant crocodile thingys trying to eat me! I (of course) woke up yelling. George was NOT pleased. I finally fell back asleep and back to everquest dreamland I went. This time I was wandering over hills looking for my friend when a tornado picked me up and threw me into a pond filled with crocodiles trying to eat me! It seems I was thrashing around in bed becuase my sweet hubby smacked me on the rear and said “enough! I forbid anymore games! It’s OVER!”…..and left the room to sleep on a sofa.

So after much restless semi-sleep I got up this morning and went out for a cup of coffee and a note was on the pot from my sweet George “Suze,you have no memory” Then I went to the fridge for cream for the coffee and found another note: “Suze, you will NOT touch my computer”. Hummmmm, think I might have upset him? I had JUST been thinking about using HIS computer for the game too! dang it!

After the coffee, and much fiddling with the puter to see if I could find more memory hiding somewhere I had to use the facilities (as it were….trying to be gentille here) and a final note was on the mirror above the sink “SUZE, You will have a Fatal Error if you even think about touching my computer!” Think he’s trying to tell me something?

Anyway it was back to MY computer to see about finding enough memory to play this game so I can attack someone (perhaps Cynthia for getting me into this game) when the second Cynthia called. Maybe SHE knows where I can find stuff as after all she helped me find my internet explorer (of which I had NO icon on the desktop but 7 of them in a folder hiding out somewhere). She helped me find “add and remove programs” (wow, look how easy it is to get rid of stuff here!) to take OFF firefox (don’t need it with all those IE’s after all) then it was back to defragging and cleaning. I’m almost afraid to see if I can get back into the game. I thought there HAS to be a way to find more space so I started looking in the program files. There was all kinds of weird things that I have no clue what they are…… I actually heeded the advice of Cynthia, my son and my nephew and didn’t touch any of them!

As I was sitting there I thought, I can move all my photos onto a cd and make more room! So off to transfer pictures. After four hours of transferring, I deleted all the ones left on the drive and went back to defrag!

I never realised how much space 14K pictures took up, but after 28 cds and one 4 MB disk thingy there was a lot of space left over. So I defragged again. I am getting GOOD at this defrag stuff!

After all of that I ran a dxdiag (no I DON”T know what it is only that it tells me the numbers my son wanted) to see if I had gained any space.

I started out with 958 MB Ram available, page file 224mb used and 2084 mb avail………….AFTER all this moving, deleting, fragging and unfragging I have

958 MB Ram avail, page file 315 MB used and 1993 mb available! I seem to have used more memory trying to make more available! Figures.


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