Goodbye my old friend

My oldest childhood friend died this  week.  Cynthia and I “met” when she was 3 and I was 2 years of age. Her family lived three houses down the street from my own, and our parents were close friends. Cynthia is the very first person I have memories of from that time.  randy-and-cyn

We played together as children do….we shared dolls and doll houses, books, played games together, fought together and made up together.  I spent many happy hours with her.

As is the way of childhood we grew apart in our early teens. She, being older, matured faster and her interests changed. I missed her but had many school friends to play with and thought little of our growing apart.

In high school, she was a leader and I a follower.  She came back into my day to day life in a huge way.  Any club she was in I also joined…….her activities became my activities, but we never reestablished our original connections of early childhood.

Years passed and our lives were caught up in children of our own.cyn-and-mrs-nuckles-in-belgium She moved overseas, worked with news agencies, nearly lost her life in the bombing of Beirut in 1982,cynthia-in-beirut-1982 married Claude Saldani in 1985 and eventually living in Baku. We raised our kids, found jobs that satisfied us and just carried on.

We reconnected about twelve years ago and it was as if we had never been apart from age 2 and 3 onwards.  We shared thoughts, dreams, wishes, joys, pains and frustrations……we argued over politics and religions……….we loved each other unconditionally.

Cynthia died this week. And life has lost a bit of luster..of joy…4th-july-baku




pictures courtesy of Cynthia.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye my old friend

  1. I am so sorry for your loss sweetheart. Such a dear close friend, I am sorry she passed away. You’re lucky though, I’ve never known that kind of friendship. I don’t think I even talk to anyone outside my mother who I knew before middle school. My heart goes out to you in your time of pain and suffering.

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    1. thanks so much Shay. I only had a few very good friends left from my childhood so losing any of them is hard. This was the most difficult to deal with so far as Cyn was so extra special to me.

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      1. I can only imagine. There is only one person from my childhood that I really recall all that well, we haven’t been in contact for years but if she passed away and I found out… I think it would kill me a little inside.

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  2. I’m so sorry to read this Suze… :/ This comment will contain absolutely no trace of shenanigans (but I can’t promise anything for future ones…)

    Having travelled a whole lot during my childhood, I haven’t kept in touch with childhood friends. I remember many of them very well, but I just lost them along the way. The oldest ou-of-family relationship I share is with J, my still to this day bff (we’ll see about that after our 10 days of traveling in DK in February). We met in 3rd grade, and lost trace of each other on many occasions, sometimes for years… But always to come back eventually. We’re so different, people who don’t know us, or know just one of us might wonder what we are doing together, but our friendship just works…. And it’s been 30 years this year.

    And why am I playing it “me-me-me-myself-I-and-oh-me!”? You might ask. I just realized how precious our time is, and I will just double the energy to make this trip celebrating our long friendship bond unforgettable, because we never know when fate will strike…

    Thank you… See??, you don’t just make people laugh!! You make them tear up too!

    Big hugs from Freezingland!

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