First blog post here cause i am an idiot

okay……so let me tell you what to NEVER do, even if it IS an accident because then you will be stuck doing the same stupid thing that I am having to do…

Yesterday, I was quite happily wandering around in our community forum when I thought “I should log in through WP and check out this stuff”…….my site was acting a bit…well, wonky, so I logged in. Then I saw my editor was really little so I tried to make it bigger with the control and scroll thingy with a mouse……and my dog leaped up upon me and I haven’t a clue what he and I hit on the keyboard but suddenly my jetpack disappeared and my sites were just. …gone. Yep, I somehow disconnected my site from wp.

DON’T do that people! It makes life miserable! Luckily I have a computer geekette who still loves me even though I tend to destroy computers and blog sites, so she is attempting to fix the problem.

In the meantime, I was going through horrible withdrawals (blog withdrawal all you bad minded people!) so I made this site to babble in until I can babble in Suziland again.

WP was kind enough to give me a free site that I can cross post once I can find my real one again… I am here not there. It’s still me (oh THAT was obvious goober-girl!) but since you probably don’t know it’s me I had to tell you. It’s ME! sigh.

And I was planning on spending most of today stealing cabbages from Linda’s patch and annoying Cyranny and Shay…but the dog ate my homework sort of thing happened and now I have to be satisfied with this nonsense.


6 thoughts on “First blog post here cause i am an idiot

      1. was it in French?? Dohh! I prepared the message from my office computer (yeahhh take that Booh Boss) and I can’t watch videos on it… so I just copy-pasted the link…

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