Science Fact: Red States Treat Blue States Like Foreigners

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PoorHousePoor Whites Voting

I just finished reading Douglas Kenrick’sSex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life, and I began to think about what evolutionary psychology would say about the current state of American democracy. Regular readers know that I dearly love me some evolutionary psychology. Regular readers also know that I strongly believe that a good diagnosis leads to good treatment, which, in turn, leads to a good outcome. Kendrick agrees stating, the evolutionary perspective can help us understand why humans are so universally inclined to feel prejudice toward members of other groups, but it can also help us understand the factors that make the strength of those inclination go up and down. So, if we can understand the causes of our divisions, then our attempts at bridging our divide might be more effective.

Evolutionary psychology  is the study of behaviors and mental processes as they were passed…

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How narcissistic abuse prepared us to fight against what is happening right now.

spot on article. reblogged Lucky Otters Haven

Lucky Otters Haven


Credit: “Woman Warrior”/unknown artist

I’ve hesitated about writing about this because it sounds both a little grandiose and a little woo-woo.  But for quite some time now,  I’ve believed those of us who were hurt badly and broken emotionally by narcissistic parents, spouses, lovers, or friends — and who were able to rise above that and escape our prison and begin the long healing journey that made us realize exactly what we had been dealing with — have been rewarded with a kind of vision and clarity about the world that the average person who never suffered this kind of abuse doesn’t have privy to.

We have learned — the hard way — how to discern lies from truth, and good from evil, and we are courageous and observant enough to call out lies and evil when we see it.  Without the excruciating educations we received years ago, we would…

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Rape Culture: Yes, It is ALL Men, the Evolution Argument

really good, thoughtful post about rape culture and propensity.

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Slutwalk London 2011 - 06Confronting Rape Culture

Since publishing my previous post on rape culture, I’ve gotten some mild push back on it in the form of a couple of comments on a forum where I posted a link. I’m grateful that anyone swung by, read it, and bothered to comment on at all. Honestly, I am. Writing a blog is a lot like hanging out in a forest waiting for a meteor to streak across the sky to see if it produces a breeze. Don’t get me wrong, I have some loyal readers who I appreciate deeply and enjoy interacting with via comments on all of our blogs. It is just that you get however many views a day and very little by way of feedback.

Geez, for chasing an errant thought down a rabbit hole, well, that seems like a waste of a perfectly good rabbit hole, don’t it?

Reproductive Strategies


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Meet and Greet: 7/1/17

Danny’s meet and greet! Go find some new friends, new blogs to follow and share some time with old friends!

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It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

Ok so here are the rules:

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What divides us

Ends and Beginnings

There is a church down the street from my house that uses a sanctuary that once housed a neighborhood Southern Baptist Church. The church that occupies this building today has a catchy, hip name but when you read their “beliefs” they are still basically a Southern Baptist Church in a different candy wrapper. My community is dotted with these kind of old traditional structures that have been filled with pastors who don’t wear robes or ties and congregations attending services in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. It is a casual brand of fire and brimstone with guitars replacing organs and big screens replacing hymnals.

I am not criticizing this new brand of worship. Both my kids, who grew-up in a very traditional Presbyterian Church, attend these kind of churches. Thankfully just ones a little less conservative than the one near my house.

This church sits on a prime piece of real…

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Religion is Gaslighting


fascismA dear friend of mine, Lucky Otter, has a blog post criticizing Christian Dominionism called Christian Dominionism has taken over the GOP. I appreciate 99% of what she has written but there is one statement that I not only disagree with, it has inspired this blog post.

Now, the old Testament has much to recommend it, and of course the Ten Commandments are just plain old common sense. Personally, I have no objection to the Commandments being displayed in courthouses or “In God We Trust” being printed on the dollar bill, because these things don’t necessarily favor only Christians and they’re simply good advice for anyone. They don’t repress, oppress, or marginalize anyone. They don’t hurt people or the environment. They don’t undermine the Constitution or our freedoms. People who object to these things really ought to turn their minds to more important issues that actually affect their lives.

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Share the Link Of Your Favorite Blogger!

great idea!

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share_logoTom Slatin sent me a great idea via Twitter and I am going to do something a little different while on vacation. Here is the basic idea for this link share post:

  • I want you to leave a link to the blog which you love the most (not your own page!)
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  • Leave a brief description of the page you love and why you love it!

This should be a ton of fun and is a great way to selflessly help another blogger.

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