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The most perplexing theory that has always stood as a barrier between faith and science is the evolution theory. Ever since its early placement by Charles Darwin back in 1859, those who are religious have always rejected it. On the other hand, many evolutionists developed an atheistic ideology based on the theory, and fought against […]

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Just thought you should know: What I learned from the Lakota People.

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The Purple Almond

My heart has been heavy this week. I’ve been sad, irritated and short tempered. (To the chagrin of my family!). I am a very empathetic person, and the feelings of others often resonate very strongly within me. Many times, when tensions and energies are very strong, I struggle to understand, and contain my thoughts and feelings. That has certainly been the case this week. With all that happened last weekend and over this past week, my heart has been drawn back to my home state of South Dakota and the beautiful Lakota American Indians with which I lived in 1994 and 1995.

For those new to my blog, or if you aren’t aware of my story, In January of 1995, my first born son died when he was  8 days old, from complications due to several birth defects. Before and during that event in my life, my husband and I…

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Reblog of “flee from christian fundimentalism”

Do you think Christian fundamentalists are driving the United States into the Dark Ages? Author Dakota O’ Leary thinks so, and she makes a really good case for it in an article that she wrote in February 2013. You may read her article by clicking on the following safe link: Christian Fundamentalists Are Driving our […]

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September Eyes

it needs to be read..over and over again.

A Generous Helping

We’ve all heard the expression, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” It’s a rather absurd notion – not because of its veracity, but because of a lack of alternate windows. As if one could discern intent through an open mouth or wide nostril. Just look at the face. What social cue could you ever glean from its other orifices? Without the look me in the eye mother-son interaction, I can picture a young mother staring into her son’s ear to discover truth like a scientist into a microscope.

Take the literal interpretation and my general silliness away, I get the allusion. They eyes are amazing in what they can relay nonverbally. In fact, I got smacked by several sets of eyes very recently.

This month is September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I knew that before, but now that I work for CURE Childhood Cancer, I really…

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Just Thought You Should Know… How You Can Help Texas Flood Victims

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The Purple Almond

I should be studying…I have a final exam to take… I have 3 final assignments due in less than a week…but right now, my mind and heart are in southern Texas. I can’t seem to focus on my studies. I keep thinking about all of the beautiful people down there and how they are suffering. ” You need to do something to help“, my heart tells me and I always follow my heart…always.

So, I thought I’d use this blog, my own little part of the universe, to spread the word on organizations that are seeking donations for the flood/hurricane victims down in Texas.

I’m sending out an appeal to all of my fellow bloggers…let’s band together and help in anyway we can. I challenge you to donate to one of the 16 organization on the list below. If we all donate just $10, think what a difference we…

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Meet and Greet: 8/12/17

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the bimonthly Meet and Greet everyone!! Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!

Ok so here are the rules:

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  5. Share this post on social media. Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new blogs to follow.

See ya on Monday!!

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DIY mosquito repellent

I waited to post any comments until after I made and tried this. IT WORKS!!! Thanks Harini!

The Long View

Whiiiiiine! Swat! Grrrrr!

This is a sound sequence you hear often in our house these days. No, we’re not ill-treating our dog. It’s those pesky mosquitoes, which have taken over the world, and the grrr indicates that the mosquito has got away unscathed as always. We’ve tried it all — reed diffusers, electrical heat diffusers, repellents, agarbattis and sambranis. Not that tennis racquet swatter, though. Can’t bear to hear a mosquito sizzle. We have mesh on all the windows, but this actually serves mainly to keep the critters in, once they’re in, and excited by all the thinly-clad blood that surrounds them. The most effective thing so far has been Odomos, which is a cream containing citronella; and note that the mosquitoes have not grown immune to it over years and years of familiarity, as they do with most other things.

Though I don’t like creams (yech! sticky!), I am…

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