The Beauty Of Silence

What an incredible message.


Hindi: “Maan mahaan shakti ka srot hai”/ English: ” Silence is a source of great strength

For some people, silence comes naturally.  These prosperous individuals know the power of silence and are comfortable with it. For others, there is a need to learn the art of practicing silence.

Silence is polite. We live in a society where there is constant noise, from radio, news, cellphones, businesses, to the constant talk of people around us. We can end up feeling as if we don’t have the time to communicate our thoughts. However, when we are silent we give others a chance to speak. To convey the message that their thoughts matter as well. Sometimes, when we communicate, we say too much.  We may over-explain.  We can often lessen the harsh blow of a negative answer by choosing to be silent. Also, if someone happens to say something that may…

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Just felt like talking!

Sweet lady with a great cause. Please read her post!

Camp Craig Allen Blog

So it is what it is, and I just felt like talking about nothing serious or political because if you are like me there is more than our share! I know that in the stats of this blog it shows that there are readers, and for that I am blessed! Shows that I am not horrible at the writing (I hope)! Since I started taking over this blog (good grief, I cannot remember exactly when) when Chris Fish passed the torch onto me. I think that a lot of the readers were already following because there have not been many new followers. Not many people like the blog or comment, so here is my challenge: If you are reading this blog right now click the like button, or give me a comment. This would make me smile:)

While we are all here:) let me tell you what is going on in…

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Around The WORLDPress Amazing Race : Team Donkey

Jack has taken over the castle and the girls have to rescue the king!

Sunken Thought


Dear Suze sent me Jack, the Donkey. I should have known when I opened the envelope that trouble would ensue! It seems Jack has his own theme song, which played as soon as he came bounding from his confinement. We all could hear the song, “Bad To The Bone” playing when we came downstairs from nap time. Even though he arrived 20 days ago, he only just left my home today. He had to pay his dues, after all. Oh, I should probably explain what happened first, shouldn’t I?


Jack took over the kingdom! He stole Prince Hector’s thrown while the girls were taking a nap, though how they slept through the sound of his braying is beyond me. Marie and Celeste awoke to seeing this dastardly devil of a donkey being served by the palace servants! Marie however would have none of it. She marched right up to the…

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Maybe it works for you

exactly! This explains my position on religion better than i ever could have expressed it.

Ends and Beginnings

“Each generation has to create the image of God that works for it.” – Karen Armstrong

Several years ago a family member of mine mother passed away. A neighbor of hers saw her in the grocery store and commented that she was sorry to hear about her mother’s death. My family member thanked her and said her mother was in a better place and no longer suffering. This neighbor responded with this comforting remark, “Only if she had accepted Jesus Christ as her lord and savior.” 

My view is simple, I believe all human beings will ultimately be restored to a right relationship with God. Yes that includes all the evil people this world has produced. I believe that God’s divine love and mercy is greater than our individual actions, and thoughts. God’s light is simply too bright, even for Adolf Hitler.

Now this flies in the face of those of you who…

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Join Momma’s Party!

Party Hardy over at Mommas!

A Momma's View

We reached the middle of the first month of 2017 and I figured I could start a new regular thing on my blog besides the Picks Of The Week and the Tell Me Something Good “series”. From now onward on the 15th of each month I will invite you to come over and party with me. Share your link and meet other bloggers in my feed.



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Ready? Great! Then let’s party!!!!

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Lessons Learned

I am not embarrassed to say I voted for this amazing woman, and will do so again should she decide to once again throw herself into the political circus. She is, quite simply, a HERO of mine!

Rhonda Rants

sunflower1So I have hesitated in writing about my campaign experience and for no other reason than it may seem a bit self-serving and haughty to wax poetic over the whole thing.  It happened.  The result is what it is and without surprise, life has continued to move on.

However, I did tell myself and countless others that by embracing this process, I had nothing to lose but rather so much to learn.  It seems selfish of me to NOT share some of those life lessons in the hopes others may also learn from it.  It is what we do as educators, right?  Continue to be life-long learners so we can impart insight and knowledge to those who will follow.

And since I like lists, I have decided to approach this as a Top 10 list.  So here we go …

Top 10 Lessons Learned while Running for Public Office    

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